An Introduction to the Greek island of Mykonos

Vacations hold a special place and a certain level of excitement in everyone’s life. It leads us to a brand new place that we can discover and enjoy. We have all heard about Greece. It had an amazing civilization at an age along with its rich culture. The sandy shores and the remnants of the past are breathtakingly beautiful. You can visit one such place and book a Mykonos vacation rental. Mykonos is a breathtakingly beautiful island situated in Greece. It is a perfect inclusion in your Grecian holiday along with your friends and family. Today,  we will learn a little about the place. Along with that, we will include a short list of places that you should visit in Mykonos.

About Mykonos:

Mykonos is a Greek island that is a part of the Cyclades group of islands. The whole area of the island is about 85.5 square km and its elevation is 341 m at the highest point. The largest town present is also called Mykonos but locals also regard it as ‘Chora’. There are about 12,500 inhabitants living in the island with most of them taking shelter in the largest city. The nickname for the island is ‘The island of the winds’. It is largely popular among LGBTQ+ tourists for the vibrant nightlife. Mykonos has a Mediterranean type of climate. The summers can have temperatures as high as 40 degrees Celsius but the average is about 28 degrees. One has to take a ferry or boat to reach the island. On the island, one can move by using a bus or a taxi.

Things to do in Mykonos:

We want you, tourists, to enjoy when you are on the vacation. It is important to make a list of places that you should see on the island. The place is small so we think that you could crunch in several places in a day. But we will surely mention the most noteworthy places and things that you can do in Mykonos. So, let us begin:

  • Tour of the Chora Town: We know Greece towns as those whitewashed houses along with the culture rich people. In the largest town of the island, you will feel just the same. You need to take a tour of it to actually know more about the island. There are spectacular places that you can visit in this town. First, check out the windmills which were once used to refined grains. 7 windmills are present in Kato Myloi and they face the beautiful blue sea. Second, you have to visit Little Venice. There are lots of nice bars in this area for you to enjoy. The main attractions are the houses present just beside the sea. Lastly, take a stroll around the town. You will find amazing small houses with beautiful lanes. You can also visit the shop as Mykonos is quite well known for its shopping scene.
  • Visit the Archaeological Site of Delos: One of the main attractions of Greece is its history. You can find this in the ruins of Delos. It is just a short boat or ferry ride from Mykonos. It is a UNESCO heritage site. In Greek mythology, it is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis. You will need to book tickets to enter the site and also to go back to Mykonos. Definitely take a tour guide as he will explain the ruins to you. The site is closed on Mondays. You will need a whole day to enjoy the rich historical place.
  • Psarou Beach: You will definitely want to cool yourself off on the beaches of Mykonos. Most of them are known for the craziness and parties. But in Psarou, you can lie down in peace without interference. If you are into windsurfing, then you will love the place. The powdery sand and the deep blue sea makes it a perfect afternoon picnic destination.
  • Visit the Churches: There are numerous churches on the island mainly because of an old property law. In Chora, you find about 60 of them. Among them, the Panagia Paraportiani and Agios Nikolaos stand out the most. Most of the churches possess the traditional Greek style whitewash. Remember to remain respectful as they are places of worship. Some of the churches have an amazing view of the sea.
  • Check out the Armenistis Lighthouse: When you are on an island you cannot miss out on the lighthouses. This particular lighthouse is present in the north-western tip of the Mykonos island. It is 19m tall and looks ahead to the Aegean Sea. You can also see the neighboring island of Tinos from this lighthouse. You can take a taxi from Chora to the place.
  • Explore the Nightlife: Mykonos is often about partying till you are tired to the bones. The beaches and restaurants light up with the sunset. You can explore the numerous pubs and bars that have amazing parties. The crowd is always dashing. You have to visit the Skandinavian bar, Jackie O, and Cavo Paradiso when you are on the island.
  • Roam the old port: The port area of the Mykonos island is quite scenic. You can check out the small restaurants and the narrow alleyways. You can also spot Peter the Pelican who works as the mascot of the island.

So, here is your simple guide to the island of Mykonos. As you will know by now it is a great place for a relaxing holiday. There are numerous amazing scenic spots that will make you smile. Your stay on the island will be an amazing experience to share throughout your life.

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